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A New World Is Here: HEAL’s 2021 Year in Review

 Download our 2021 Year in Review Our existence is an act of resistance. In a world that tries to divide us, and tell us that our success is dependent on someone else’s oppression, uniting for our collective liberation is a radical act. At HEAL, we know that our struggles are interlinked: that the pathway to […]

How Giant Corporations Control the Narrative About Our Food Systems

In the fight for better food systems, we’re up against a massive corporate messaging machine. With trillions of dollars at their disposal, a handful of corporations aim to shape our most fundamental beliefs about food, while also marketing harmful products to our communities. Giant corporations spend a ton of resources to push narratives that uphold […]

COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund Impact Report

In 2020, during the height of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it became very apparent that the consolidated food system was simply unable to meet the needs of our communities. Meanwhile, HEAL members were on the ground, rooting in relationships and responding to the failures of the system through mutual aid and more. Our communities are […]

The ‘Blue Economy’ and the plan to profit off our oceans

Owning a home is how you “make it” in the United States. In fact, our whole tax and credit system is set up to benefit homeowners. But it wasn’t always that way. Prior to colonization, people lived on and stewarded land in ways that sustained them and their families. Land in what is now the […]

The FTC is failing us, but here’s what we can do about it

Our food economies are dominated by a handful of corporations whose stated purpose is to generate profits for their shareholders — no matter the social, human and environmental cost. How did corporations such as Tyson, Aramark, Amazon or Monsanto amass enough power that a single boardroom decision they make can send ripples across the lives […]

Colonialism, Capital and Corporate Power : A brief economic history of the US

The United States is the world’s largest economy, yet millions of people in the country are excluded from benefiting from this rapid economic growth and prosperity. The wealth divide between working families and the 1% are at an all time high, and the racial wealth gap keeps Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities behind when it […]
Image showing flooding and fires

The Climate Crisis is here: Frontline communities need your support

In the last month alone, we bore witness to two climate disasters — wildfires burned through over 2 million acres in the West Coast, while Hurricane Ida brought historical levels of flooding to the East Coast, decimating homes and communities. In California, where the fires raged just as harvest season was in full swing, farmworkers […]

Corporate interests are taking over our oceans, but it may not be too late to stop them

Since 1995, the North Atlantic Marine Alliance (NAMA), a fishermen led-organization has been organizing fishermen, crew, fishworkers and allies towards creating policy and market strategies that build healthy fisheries and fishing communities. They advocate for equitable seafood access, fair and dignified working conditions, and fleet diversity, and against the corporate takeover of our oceans — […]

Food Workers are Essential Workers and Deserve to be Safe at Work!

By Jose Oliva, Campaigns Director, HEAL Food Alliance Last month, the HEAL Food Alliance co-organized with workers and safety advocates around the country for a National Day of Action, calling on President Biden to expand COVID-19 safety protections to essential workers across all industries. In early June, the Biden administration issued an Emergency Temporary Standard […]