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Writing About the HEAL Food Alliance

Writing about the (HEAL) Health, Environment, Agriculture, Labor Food Alliance can be confusing at times. The following guide is intended as a quick reference to help reporters understand the various organizations and structures that comprise the HEAL Food Alliance.

By bringing together farmers, food service laborers, scientists, policy experts, community organizers, and activists, the HEAL Food Alliance seeks transformative change in our food and farm system, from the corner store to Capitol Hill. Formed in 2017 by the Movement Strategy Center, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Real Food Challenge, the Food Chain Workers Alliance, and the National Black Food and Justice Alliance, HEAL is comprised of a Steering Council and network of over 50 member organizations who are working together to transform our country’s food and farm systems.

The HEAL Food Alliance is based in Oakland, CA and its Director is Navina Khanna. You can find information on our past and current campaigns at our “Our Work” page.
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Meet the organizations of the HEAL Member Network