Good Food Communities

Good Food Communities (GFC) is a comprehensive plan for a just transition that benefits frontline communities, workers, and the planet.

GFC builds on the successes won and lessons gained by local coalitions and national organizations, including through the passage of the Good Food Purchasing Program in cities across the country. The campaign seeks to leverage public procurement through policy and organizing to win living wages for frontline workers, infrastructure for BIPOC producers, and better protections for the environment.

Comprehensive Platform

Building on the successes that many local coalitions and national organizations have had in passing the Good Food Purchasing Program, HEAL Food Alliance (HEAL) and the Food Chain Workers Alliance (FCWA) worked with our members and close allies to develop a framework that deepens commitment to racial equity, worker justice, environmental justice, and transparency. We will apply this framework towards our current procurement organizing and building toward HEAL’s Platform for Real Food.

Public Dollars for Public Good

Food contracts are often awarded to larger food corporations or food service corporations, who perpetuate, and profit from, a model of food production that’s characterized by institutional racism, pollution of our air, water and soil, and exploitation of frontline workers. Leveraging tax dollars that are spent on these contracts, to invest instead in supply chains that provide a living wage to frontline workers, protect communities of color from heavy food polluters, and provide contracts to small producers of color and women is one way to reverse this trend.

Priority Outcomes

Living wages and fair working conditions for frontline food workers
Institutional food contracts for small-scale producers of color
Protections from food and farm-related pollution for communities of color and frontline workers
Public access to supply chain data and community involvement in implementation

The Coalition