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Spread your farm bill message: Join HEAL's Farm Bill LTE Campaign 

HEAL has created a Letter to the Editor (LTE) Campaign which will easily enable member organizations (and members of members!) to send an LTE of your choice to your local news publications.

Here’s how it works: We’ve drafted six LTEs (based on HEAL’s Farm Bill Priorities) for you to send. In this toolkit you’ll find links to send the letters as well as instructions on how to edit and tailor the letters, or write your own (if you choose).

Follow the instructions to send 1 LTE (or all 6 if you are really feeling inspired!) to news outlets in your area. If your LTE gets published, let (neshani@healfoodalliance.org) know. That’s it! The whole process takes about 5 minutes. 

Here are five other ways you can get involved with HEAL today:


Since the start of the pandemic, HEAL members have grown and redistributed food in their communities, established pandemic relief funds, lobbied elected officials for stronger worker
protections, and provided direct support to community members.

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