Our Work Ahead

Before our launch in 2017, fifty organizations came together to craft the Platform for Real Food, a 10-point platform which serves as a call to action and a political compass for non-extractive food and farm systems grounded in community self-determination. Over the last three years, we’ve sharpened our shared analysis, deepened relationships, trained up leaders, organized to win campaigns, and built our collective ability to move together. We’re seeing the political and ecological needs of our time, and we’ve clarified our movement role. Our staff, members, and Steering Council are thrilled to share our three year plan to move together towards an ambitious vision for change. Read on to see our roadmap!
Work Areas
We are bringing together groups from various sectors and are organizing campaigns in three arenas.
platform for real food
The bedrock of our principles and the policies we will actively pursue. Our Platform is our roadmap towards real food justice.
theory of change
The strategic assumptions on which we base our work. 

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