Sovereignty & Resilience: HEAL’s Winter Update

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Everywhere we look this winter, we see beautiful acts of resistance, community building and care. At HEAL we recognize that our sovereignty and liberation is interconnected. It will take all of us to change systems that were never designed to work for us.

We hope that you can find joy and grounding in all the ways our communities are showing up for each other, mobilizing, and sowing seeds for sovereign food futures and the liberation of us all!

ICYMI— did you notice the cinnamon?
Each HEAL newsletter will feature a medicinal plant as part of our Alliance’s ‘recipe’ for resistance and healing!

HEAL Statement in Opposition to Genocide

“We call on all U.S.-based food and farm justice organizations to join us in solidarity with those attacked; to be active and vocal in opposing this genocide and the United States’ role in funding it.” Read our full statement» 

Stop Gaza genocide and demand a ceasefire now!

Seeding Regenerative Futures

Last year, HEAL members, climate advocates, growers, and policymakers came together to build collective power for our movement for regenerative agriculture. ICYMI: watch the recording of the workshop and check out our toolkit!

Humans of the Food System

Humans of the Food System brings you stories from folks in communities across the country sharing how they’ve been impacted by our food and farm systems – and what they are doing to transform them for the better!

Together We Thrive! 

We are celebrating our 7 year anniversary this month! The HEAL Food Alliance was born out of the knowledge that no single individual, organization, or sector can transform systems in isolation. True transformation requires all of us organizing together for real change. Catch up on all things that have happened at HEAL in our 2023 Year in Review! 

      • Nourish with Zaitoun: Recipes from the Palestinian Kitchen from Yasmin Khan 🍉
      • Listen to Radical Nourishment, a podcast from Food Culture Collective & HEAL featuring stories of food communities across the US reclaiming sovereignty and self determination ✨ 
      • Catch up on all things Farm Bill from The Farm Report podcast episode, featuring HEAL organizer Celize Christy 👩🏾‍🌾
      • Watch FisherStories: Training the Next Generation of Black Fishers 🐟
      • Dive into Re-Seeding, stewarding stories from new generations of Indigenous People 🌱🌊
      • Learn how farmer Mai Ngyugen is growing foundations of land justice in our member dispatch series 🌾

Trinidad Sweet Bread 🥥🍞

For Nichelle Harriott, HEAL’s Policy Director, Trinidad Sweet Bread was a treat growing up, either as breakfast, snack, or dinner. It is made with coconut and dried fruit that adds a bit of sweetness to your morning coffee or tea on a cool morning or evening. It’s easy to make and remains a staple in the homes of Trinibagonians– as the people of Trinidad and Tobago call themselves. Toast it, add some butter, and this sweet bread melts in your mouth.

Check out the recipe for this tasty treat »

Farmworker / Farmer Resources for a Free Palestine: A resource created by Not Our Farm with actions and info in support of a Free Palestine

Food Justice in Baltimore: Baltimore organizations in the movement for food security and justice to support!  

(Learn about Baltimore’s Black Food Sovereignty Movement)

      • Black Yield Institute
      • Bmore Community Food
      • Farm Alliance of Baltimore
      • Food Rescue Baltimore
      • Youth Food Security

*Cinnamon or cinnamomum verum is the inner bark of tropical trees of the Lauraceae family native to SouthEast Asia where they grow year round and are harvested in the rainy season. Cinnamon is a common household spice known for its warmth, aromatic and healing properties – it is anti-inflammatory, an antioxidant, aids in digestion and can lower blood sugar levels.