Taking Flight: HEAL’s 2019 Year in Review

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Birds are born to fly, but they aren’t born knowing how to do it. Their grace and velocity comes from trial and error, and a whole lot of community support.

HEAL was born of a vision for flight; flocking together for our collective liberation. Co-founded by organizations who knew that our struggles were interlinked, and that our liberation depends on each others’ strengths, skills, and assets, HEAL exists to build power by uniting across race, sector, and geography. We know that the transformation necessary for our physical and cultural survival is not yet politically possible, but that together, we can go farther than any of us could go alone.

In these past three years, HEAL has grown to 55 member organizations representing over 2 million rural and urban farmers, ranchers, fishers, farm and food chain workers, scientists, public health, environmental, and animal rights advocates, policy experts, indigenous leaders, community organizers, and activists explicitly working together to address racial justice and corporate control of our food system.

Together we are learning to fly.

None of this would be possible without your support! Check out our end of year report to see some of the events we’re most proud of – and if you’re able – please donate now to support our work so that together, we can grow even stronger in 2020.