HEAL Food Alliance

School of Political Leadership

2019-2020 Cohort

Gloria Begay

Executive Director 

Diné Food Sovereignty Alliance

As a Native American Advocate for food justice, I look forward to updating my policy and political system knowledge and skills to engage and mentor Diné (Navajo) grassroots advocates and youth for an effective Diné Food Policy Movement on the Navajo Nation.

Our grassroots food movement must influence current policy makers to assist in changing outdated federal, state and tribal land and water policies that is hindering a regenerative agriculture and restoration of a Diné food system based on indigenous values and practices.

Gloria on what SoPL means to her

About Gloria

As a retired Navajo educator, policy advisor, mother and grandmother, Gloria Ann Begay has been presenter on Issues of Native Health and Food Sovereignty; advocates for health/food/people of color equity at local, tribal, and national levels; served as policy advisor and director for the Navajo Nation Washington DC Office and National Advisory Council on Indian Education; and was highly instrumental in the passage of the Navajo governments’ Healthy Diné Nation Act that is the only two food taxes on “junk food” and waiver of quality food in the USA.

Currently Gloria is assisting the Navajo Nation to establish the “Food Policy Work Group” and advocates for healthier Diné families, communities and environment as a core member of the Diné Community Advocacy Alliance (e.g., HDNA passage); Founding Director of the Diné Food Sovereignty Alliance; and creating the Diné Farm to School Coalition. Ms. Begay holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration and B.S. in History and Anthropology.