HEAL Food Alliance

School of Political Leadership

"If we're not prepared to govern, we're not prepared to win"
Movement Generation
Now in its second year, the HEAL School of Political Leadership (SoPL) supports teams of talented, passionate, food and farm justice leaders who are advocating for policies and solutions that will reimagine how our food and farm systems function. Over nine months, SoPL will equip a cohort of three teams comprised of 11 leaders with the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to lead campaigns and drive political change. Together we are creating a blueprint for inclusive, democratic food and farm systems that are accountable to all of our communities. We believe these renewed systems should prioritize:
Community needs over corporate profits
Long-term environmental sustainability over short-sighted mass production
Dignified Work
Safe and dignified working conditions that include living wages and democratic decision-making
Real Food
Healthy, accessible and affordable food for all people

Why SoPL? Why Now?

 poor representation

Our elected decision-makers are failing our communities. For too long the people who determine our food and farm policies  have been placing profit over people and planet.  

our Communities Drive Change

The best advocates for driving solutions to transform our food and farm systems are the leaders who share the values, hopes and experiences of the people most burdened by those systems. 

The Time is Right

Across the country a surge of political energy is driving everyday people to take leadership in their communities.

to Transform the System

The HEAL SoPL equips participants with the tools, skills and knowledge to grow grassroots political leadership in their communities. It is time for new leadership and governance that truly works by and for the people.  

Our Cohort

The 2019-2020 HEAL SoPL leaders are teams of farmers, community activists, organizers, educators, and advocates working in diverse communities across the United States. Their work is creating pathways for a reimagined food and farm system - one in which every community has the right and the means to produce, procure, prepare, share, and eat nutritionally and culturally appropriate food free from exploitation of themselves, any other people, or the rest of the natural world.

Meet the leaders who are working to transform our food and farm systems

Urban Agriculture & Equity

Executive Director
Just Food
Farmer & Community Gardener
Kelly Street Garden
Resident Garden Manager
Kelly Street Garden

Diné Food Sovereignty

Farmer & Researcher
Diné/Navajo Nation
Executive Director 
Diné Food Sovereignty Alliance
Restorative Economy Coordinator 
Black Mesa Water Coalition
Executive Director 
Tolani Lake Enterprises

New Food Economies

Founder and General Manager
African Heritage Food Co-Op

Chief Executive Officer
Urban Fruits & Veggies

Community Health Worker
CoNect - Community Network for Engagement, Connection & Transformation

Founder, Creative & Activist 
Community Building Team