HEAL Food Alliance

2023 School of Political Leadership 

A Greener New Orleans

Mina Seck


Community Food Manager,

“With the increased access to information over the last 30 years it is more important than ever for programs like SoPL. We see how we are not alone in our struggles and fights for justice throughout the world. What happens at home is likely happening identically in other countries throughout the world. We are able to learn from others whether it's their mistakes or their accomplishments. Being a part of SoPL will help me and my teammates on the policy campaign we're working on as well as the work our organization does on a daily basis.

Meet Aminata

Mina was born and raised in Pennsylvania, getting her bachelor’s degree in communications in Philadelphia. Growing up she always had a passion for cooking and fresh foods from the farmer’s market. After school, she continued waitressing and her yearning to become a cook grew deeper. She traveled to France and Spain to work on farms to learn more about growing food and biodynamic farming.

When she returned to Philly she worked as the head dinner cook at a small cafe with a kitchen garden. After a year she moved to New Orleans and really dug into the culinary world. She worked at Commander's Palace, Angeline, and Carmo among other restaurants before starting her own pop-up/catering company, BeetsNThyme.

Through BeetsNThyme she developed great relationships with local farmers, makers, and fishermen. This deepened her love and knowledge for local foods and their importance to community. In her spare time, she is also an avid home gardener.