These are some of the Black-led orgs leading our fight against racism in the food and agriculture system

By fighting white supremacy and capitalism in our food and farm system, the following organizations undoing centuries of oppression and exploitation, of people and the land. 

We are grateful to count among our membership, partners and allies, and School of Political Leadership cohort, Black-led organizations that are at the forefront of fighting for racial equity in the food system—they are farmers, fishers, community health advocates and policy experts. Some of them provide grassroots support in neighborhoods burdened by redlining and food apartheid, some are policy experts driving change at the local, state and federal levels and others are producers who are growing food and nurturing resilient regional  food systems. 

Together, they are doing the hard work of pushing back against against white supremacist, capitalistic food system and its consequences—food apartheid, Black land loss, diet-related illness, race-based wealth inequities, and environmental degradation to name a few—while driving real solutions in their own communities.  This is difficult work that demands spiritual strength, resolve and imagination. All of these qualities are embodied in the leadership and teams of each of these organizations and we urge you to offer them your support. 



School of Political Leadership Members’ Organizations

A few other Black-led organizations transforming food and agriculture systems  

*this is nowhere near a comprehensive list – please send us your suggestions for inclusion!