A New World Is Here: HEAL’s 2021 Year in Review

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Our existence is an act of resistance.

In a world that tries to divide us, and tell us that our success is dependent on someone else’s oppression, uniting for our collective liberation is a radical act.

At HEAL, we know that our struggles are interlinked: that the pathway to food justice travels through Black liberation, and the pathway to climate justice is illuminated by Indigenous knowledge. We know that an end to the extractive economy depends on dismantling patriarchy and white supremacy; that dignity for working people requires abolition and an end to state sanctioned violence. And that our collective survival is contingent on the rights of mother earth.

Scientists say that the best way to heal an ecosystem is to connect it to more of itself. Like mycelium, HEAL weaves connective tissue between members, and builds collective power so that our ecosystem can thrive.

Despite a pandemic, distance, and difference, HEAL members have united powerfully throughout 2021 to meet key moments: pushing a bold climate agenda, organizing to resource BIPOC producers, advocating for worker protections, convening to address corporate control of our food – with each HEAL member bringing their own unique set of expertise, experience, resources, and relationships.

A healthy ecosystem depends on this: each inhabitant playing their own distinct role within it, complementing each other to enable more for everyone. Channeling resources where they’re most needed to grow the strength of the whole.

Our solidarity is our resilience.

The scale of change we seek is bigger than any one of our communities or organizations can make alone. We know it takes all of us. As you read our year end report, I hope you feel as inspired as I do by the brilliance of our ecosystem. You are a part of helping it flourish.

 Download our 2021 Year in Review