Actions for
Worker Safety

Nearly 33,000 food workers have tested positive for COVID-19. Workers nationwide are calling for an emergency OSHA standard that gives them workplace protections.

Take action today.

Tyson’s failure to properly protect its workforce from the spread of this deadly virus is a prime illustration of how little the company cares about its employees—who are predominantly people of color and immigrants—despite its aggressive media efforts to portray the opposite. In response, HEAL Food Alliance and Animal Agriculture Reform Collaborative(AARC) members, along with other food justice, labor, environmental, and animal welfare organizations are organizing a Week of Action Against Tyson beginning Monday, July 6th to uplift workers' demands and support their fight for a safe workplace.
MONDAY (7/7)

Urge Tyson's shareholders to act

Is your organization invested in racial equity, worker justice, economic justice, public health or economic equity? Sign on to this letter to Tyson's shareholders. 

Call Governor Hutchinson

Join Venceremos in calling-in to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson's office at (510)-682-2345 and demand immediate action and oversight

Sign this letter

Venceremos is calling on allies to sign onto this letter urging Governor Asa Hutchinson to immediately order the shutdown of poultry plants in Arkansas where workers have tested positive for COVID-19. The letter will be hand delivered to the Governor next week. 


We need all hands on deck. Share this graphic with your networks so they can also take action. 

Call Tyson

Join us in calling Tyson executives, the people that make decisions that directly put workers' lives at risk. They can be reached at 1-877-978-1466.
FRIDAY (7/10)

Sign and share Venceremos' petition

Worker-led Venceremos has been leading the fight for Tyson workers in Arkansas. Their petition, targeting Tyson leadership has over 40k signatures already! Let’s help them get to 100k by signing on and sharing with our networks!

Here's other actions that you can take to support food workers across the country in a their fight for a safer workplace.

First, sign this petition

Tell Congress to pass the emergency health and safety protections for workers immediately

Finally, send this quick letter to your Senators

1. COPY the letter from the template after you add your information.
2. FIND your Rep and Senators and send them the letter using their email system.

Get Corporations to do their part

Send a letter to food corporations to ensure worker safety and health

For Public Institutions or GFPP Coalitions

Copy this sample letter, put in your information, and send it out to these corporations (one email per company).

For Students

Copy this sample letter, put in your information, and send it out to these corporations (one email per company).