HEAL Food Alliance

School of Political Leadership

2019-2020 Cohort

Gail Wells

Founder, Creative & Activist
Community Building Team

I want a political system where the right to life and wellness for all is guaranteed/affirmed. This includes access to "land," clean water, air, and affordable nutritious food that is sustainably grown, is free from contamination, and is produced outside of exploitation and racism.
Gail on what SoPL means to her

About Gail

Gail Vonita Wells has two degrees from SUNY University at Buffalo, an undergraduate degree in Public Policy/Administration and a graduate degree in Urban Planning. In 2015 Gail was the grand prize winner of the Design2LiveSustainably (D2LS) Competition (along with her partner, Della Miller), for innovative sustainability using shipping containers as a catalyst to drive economic development by sharply diminishing the start up costs and the risk assumed by entrepreneurs looking to locate on the east side of Buffalo, NY.

Gail retired from a 29 year career in higher education in December 2014, but still maintains a passion for social justice, which is the thread that ties together all that she does and loves.