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Raising grassroots voices to take on corporate factory farms

Land Stewardship Project (LSP) is a Minnesota-based grassroots organization that is committed to breaking down power and consolidation in the food farming system while supporting small and medium farmers to build viable, values-based farming and ranching operations. They do this by organizing local campaigns, advocating for better policy on local, regional and federal levels and […]

Why are we calling to phase out factory farming?

What is “factory farming”? The handful of giant corporations that control the meat industry in the US tout factory farming as an efficient, cheap way to produce meat. In reality, factory farming comes at a huge cost to health and safety, the environment, and consumer pocket books, and that’s why we’re working with members and […]

The movement to phase out factory farming

In the previous sections, we covered why factory farming is bad for people, animals and the planet, and laid out facts about the systems and structures that are propping up this harmful system. Luckily, there’s a movement of people that are working towards mitigating the harms of factory farming and phasing out the system and […]

Voting with your fork won’t stop factory farms – but here’s what might

We’ve all heard the rallying cry that eating less meat can mitigate the climate crisis. From Silicon Valley CEO’s to celebrity billionaires to New York Times columnists, the urban middle-class has embraced the idea that going vegan or vegetarian, and switching to farm-to-table shopping habits can reduce our harmful emissions. But the science is mixed: […]

Can we phase out factory farming and still feed everyone?

One of the biggest arguments corporations and decision makers use to avoid taking action to stop harmful industrial farming practices like factory farming is that industrial farming is the only way to grow food at a scale large enough to feed everyone. It’s true that world  hunger has been rising since 2015: 650 million people […]