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How Giant Corporations Control the Narrative About Our Food Systems

In the fight for better food systems, we’re up against a massive corporate messaging machine. With trillions of dollars at their disposal, a handful of corporations aim to shape our most fundamental beliefs about food, while also marketing harmful products to our communities. Giant corporations spend a ton of resources to push narratives that uphold […]

The ‘Blue Economy’ and the plan to profit off our oceans

Owning a home is how you “make it” in the United States. In fact, our whole tax and credit system is set up to benefit homeowners. But it wasn’t always that way. Prior to colonization, people lived on and stewarded land in ways that sustained them and their families. Land in what is now the […]

The FTC is failing us, but here’s what we can do about it

Our food economies are dominated by a handful of corporations whose stated purpose is to generate profits for their shareholders — no matter the social, human and environmental cost. How did corporations such as Tyson, Aramark, Amazon or Monsanto amass enough power that a single boardroom decision they make can send ripples across the lives […]

Colonialism, Capital and Corporate Power : A brief economic history of the US

The United States is the world’s largest economy, yet millions of people in the country are excluded from benefiting from this rapid economic growth and prosperity. The wealth divide between working families and the 1% are at an all time high, and the racial wealth gap keeps Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities behind when it […]