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Worker Organizing in the Era of ICE Raids

The first plank of our Platform for Real Food calls for dignity for food all workers and their families. Brandworkers, a member organization of HEAL, is a worker-led organization that is moving the solutions in our Platform forward by organizing the people who work in New York City’s food production industry.  Running through the 5 […]

Food, Race and Labor: A brief explainer

    History and background: A timeline of Race, immigration and labor in the food system  Any conversation about the food system in the United States, must be grounded in acknowledging America’s colonial and racial history.  The United States is the result of colonization, beginning with  the arrival of European colonizers and subsequent seizure of indigenous […]

The People Providing Our Food Are Essential. We Must Treat Them That Way

We’re joining Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance(NAMA), National Family Farm Coalition(NFFC), Why Hunger, Farm Aid and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy(IATP)  in calling on Congress to ensure that their response to this pandemic prioritizes farmers, ranchers, fishers and food workers of color who are most burdened by the systemic inequities of our food system. […]
ICE Statement HEAL Food Alliance

Defending Immigrant Workers Means Defending Us All

A joint statement by food, farm & labor organizations Date: 8/7/2019 ICE officials raided numerous Mississippi food processing plants on August 7, arresting 680 mostly Latin-American workers in what marked the largest workplace sting in over ten years. The raids happened just as Donald Trump was arriving at El Paso, Texas, the majority-Latinx city where […]