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Can small-scale producers nurture climate resilience and feed us all?

Small-scale farmers and fishers and community producers, especially those from BIPOC communities do more than growing and catching food. Their work directly impacts community health and wellbeing, and because many of them use ecological agricultural practices rooted in traditional farming, their efforts contribute to improving soil health, increasing regional biodiversity, and ultimately mitigating the impacts […]

Community-based food systems are crisis-proof food systems

The current food system is a web of national and global production and supply chains controlled by a handful of large corporations like Walmart, Aldi, Dole Foods, JBS, Flower Food, and Aramark. The ‘success’ of this centralized system is measured by profit derived from extracting from and depleting land, water, and air, exploiting workers, and […]

Small producers can grow food in regenerative ways — but our food system works against them

Before Black Indigenous, and other People of Color even had the right to vote in this country, the government was writing rules to favor industrial agricultural production practices.  The first US Farm Bill, written in the 1930’s, calcified subsidies to increase production on monoculture farm operations – mostly dependent on chemical fertilizer inputs. Agent Orange, […]