HEAL Food Alliance

2023 School of Political Leadership 

A Greener New Orleans

Terence Jackson


Farm Outreach Coordinator,

Throughout the process of a Greener New Orleans campaign we’ve evolved and learned so much from each other and the community. This is a critical time in the campaign as we’ve reached the 10 year mark of fighting for policy changes in New Orleans. New Orleans is known for its amazing food but many do not see the importance of urban agriculture. This continues to cause major inequalities and missed opportunities in our local food system. We’re hoping that throughout the SoPL cohort we’re able to gain greater insight and skills that would help us shift the mindset of policy makers and community members.

Meet Terence

Terence Jackson is a fifth-generation small farmer from Tuskegee, Alabama. Terence is a 2017 graduate of Tuskegee University with a bachelor's degree in Agribusiness and a concentration in farm entrepreneurship. He has a background in farming, gardening, timber production, drones, and over 14 years of experience working with underserved farmers and on-farm research.

Terence is the co-founder of The Movement 46, a community-based organization whose goals are to help mobilize the community for revitalization projects and help create a better quality of life through agriculture. He's a devoted community advocate and is passionate about farming and art. In 2020, Terence and his friends started a rural teaching farm called The Garden Of Tuskegee. Terence believes that sustainability is key for maintaining healthy relationships and systems. He takes pride in creating programs that educate and empower his community. He’s currently spreading the knowledge he’s learned as the Gardening teacher for the Culinary Arts Department at The New Orleans Center of Creative Arts and his role as the Farm Outreach Coordinator for SproutNola.