HEAL Food Alliance

2023 School of Political Leadership 

Southern Roots

Sagdrina Jalal


Sage D Consulting

I am excited to connect with others who seek land justice and liberation. This experience with SoPL will provide the much needed space to reimagine how resources are allocated and networks are developed. This is a critical part of healing and restoration.

Meet Sagdrina

An award-winning educator, Sagdrina cultivates and delivers transformational experiences for executive teams, non-profit boards, and impact-driven professionals. From helping balance equity in Atlanta’s philanthropic community to assisting in awarding grants for organizations like Mailchimp, her work thrives at the intersection of community and innovation. A graduate of the University of Georgia with a degree in Education, Sagdrina inspires learning and advancement in her work. Serving on the board of The Lola, she works with the executive team to strengthen their Leaders in Social Justice Initiative. She was the founding Executive Director for the Georgia Farmers Market Association, a board member for the national Farmers Market Coalition, a Well-Being Impact Area Advisor for the Community Foundation of Atlanta, and an advisor for Tuskegee University’s Organic Farming Project. In 2022, she collaborated with Black food-system leaders to curate an anti-racist toolkit that is now utilized across the country.