HEAL Food Alliance

2023 School of Political Leadership 

Idaho Justice for Farmworkers

Alejandra Hernandez 


Member, Visión 2C Resource Council

SoPL is important during this particular moment because we currently operate in a system that is profit-driven. To put into practice a new vision for food autonomy in our communities that is for and by the people who grow, harvest, and prepare our food is revolutionary. I am extremely excited to gain new leadership skills at SoPL. I hope to bring knowledge, power, protection, and justice to BIPOC and farmworking communities in Idaho.

Meet Alejandra

Alejandra Hernandez is the daughter of Mexican farmworkers from Nayarit, Mexico. She is a co-creator of the social media page, Latinx Farmworkers of Southern Idaho, a photo blog that features local Idaho farmworkers. Alejandra’s first job was at 13 years old, picking asparagus on her neighbor’s farm. Throughout her teenage years, she worked weeding out a variety of crops on neighboring farms during the summer. After she graduated from the University of Idaho, Alejandra became the Migrant Paraeducator at her local Junior High and supported students who also come from a farm- working background. Alejandra hopes to continue to support farmworkers through her social media page by sharing their stories and by building relationships between workers and health workers, community leaders, and decision-makers.