HEAL Food Alliance

2022 School of Political Leadership 

Rooted in Richmond Food Justice

Chinue Fields


Operations & Facilities Manager,
Urban Tilth

Education, love, and unity are the key ingredients in the recipe for healing. Our collective strengths and compassion will bring powerful change to our homes, our local communities, and the world. Together, we will restore power to the land and the people so we can all justly thrive.

Meet Chinue

Chinue was born and partially raised in Salinas, CA. She fell in love with the city of Richmond after moving to the SF Bay Area in 2008 because it reminds her so much of home. She's been working with Urban Tilth since March 2021 as their Operations & Facilities Manager. Prior to that, Chinue had been managing her own queer, Black woman run catering and health coaching business since 2013. Her ultimate dream is to see the cishet patriarchy dismantled, and to have decolonized, body-positive, nutrition education and locally grown organic food be accessible to all.