HEAL Food Alliance

2022 School of Political Leadership 

Together Honoring Earth's Mycelia (T.H.E.M.)

Bea Fry


Development Steward,
Advocates for Urban Agriculture

Necessary to the wellbeing of the earth is the understanding that we are in relation to her; that caring for our neighbor means caring for the land they call home. SoPL provides the opportunity for the political prioritization of this deep care to inform and mold how we navigate the policies which shape our food system. Ultimately, this builds a food future which is reflective of the reciprocal relationship between the land and her stewards.

Meet Bea

Bea is a land steward residing in Chicago who imagines a more resilient food system built upon land rematriation, justice, and reparation. Their background includes research on violations of the Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition for transgender people of color, student organizing, and most recently with their position at Advocates for Urban Agriculture (AUA), development in support of urban agriculture in Chicago. Bea is passionate about serving as a resource and connector, contributing to a food future which provides the opportunity for those most affected by injustice to finally find rest.