HEAL Food Alliance

2021 School of Political Leadership

Team: Communities Uniting for Farmer Health & Justice

Zoe Hollomon

Organizing Co-Director, MN Lead, Pesticide Action Network, North America

We are at a critical moment in time, one where more people can see the corporate agenda and blatant disregard for our lives, for this world, and our future. Our communities are coming together to fight in different and creative ways to crack the shiny veneer of corporate control, it has already begun. This world is not for them, it is for life-affirming exchange and harmony. I believe the SoPL fellowship will support our planning and organizing with the tools to be even more powerful and connect us with other freedom fighters in the movement. 
Zoe on what SoPL means to her

Meet Zoe

Zoe Hollomon is a Black, queer, food system activist, artist and farmer, who's been organizing with BIPOC communities for over 17 years. She started organizing in food justice in Buffalo, NY and has since worked in NYC and Minnesota to grow food, build relationships between farmers and urban communities, and impact decision-making in food, farming and health-related policy. She co-founded the Good Food Purchasing Twin Cities Coalition in 2017, which has been changing Minneapolis Public School District’s food purchasing practices to better support health and nutrition, fair labor, environmental sustainability, local economy, and humane treatment of animals.

Zoe works as the Co-Organizing Director (MN Lead) for the Pesticide Action Network North America, and works with farmers, scientists and grassroots groups to address racial inequities and pesticide related harm inflicted by the corporate agricultural regime. Zoe is a co-founder of the Midwest Farmers of Color Collective “working to build food and farming systems that honor our past, present and future.” Zoe is a member of the Black Liberation and Abolitionist Cohort (BLAC) of MN, working with other black organizers in the state to abolish institutions that threaten black lives and develop systems that honor them.