HEAL Food Alliance

2021 School of Political Leadership

Team: Cultivate Charlottesville - Land, Liberate, Reparate

Leon Nunez

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Cultivate Garden Associate,
Cultivate Charlottesville

With the right support and direction, kids of any age can get involved in politics and advocate for justice. I hope to be that bridge to help guide youth leaders through policy change and campaigns, and I believe what I learn from HEAL's SoLP can guide youth who are already interested in advocating for food justice. To act now is to plant the seeds of change to be harvested in the future.
Leon on what SoPL means to them

Meet Leon

Leon Nunez, born and raised in Charlottesville, works as Cultivate Charlottesville's Garden Associate. Leon attended the city schools where they took part in the Garden Aid program provided by Cultivate in middle school. There they learned about urban agriculture and has since become an active volunteer, youth food justice intern, then garden associate. Leon learned how to be more involved in their community and address the problems that impact food justice and food equity. Currently they help lead Cultivate’s interns and show youth that they have the power to make a difference in the food system and their community. Leon is currently attending Piedmont Virginia Community College and dreams to transfer to the University of Virginia to get a degree in biology or psychology.