HEAL Food Alliance

2021 School of Political Leadership

Team: Communities Uniting for Farmer Health & Justice

Beverly St. John

Adjunct Faculty, White Earth Tribal Community College & Toxic Taters Coalition

All people deserve to live in safe, resilient, and healthy communities, but under our current farming system, a handful of agricultural corporations are raking in profits while they poison the air, water, land that our families depend on. Through SoPL we hope to strengthen the tools and relationships we need to eliminate government support for these greedy corporate criminals, and instead cultivate a future where our people and planet can thrive.
Beverly on what SoPL means to her

Meet Beverly

Omiigiiwin Bamaadiziiwin indizhnikos. Makwa nindoodem.

Opwaganasing nindoonjibaa.

Gaawaabaabganikaag Ishkonigan ninddoonjibaa.

Waubun nindaa.

I am Anishinaabe. My tribal affiliation is in Northern Ontario. I am a member of the Red Rock Band of Ojibwe’.

I have always tried to advocate for others.

I have been active with Toxic Taters, a native and non-native coalition. This group has worked for the reduction of pesticides in the corporate farming system, which is poisoning the air, water, and land in our community.

I was raised on a dairy/cash crop farm in southern Wisconsin. My chemical gift is Leukemia.

Indicate, Investigate, Illuminate.