HEAL Food Alliance

2021 School of Political Leadership 

Team: Good Food Food Oakland

Asia Hampton

Asia Hampton headshot

Special Projects Manager,
HOPE Collaborative

In this political moment we have a lot of momentum that could be strategically directed to create wins for larger portions of our communities. My goal is always to share the knowledge, skills and access I have with whoever is missing from the conversation that wants to be there. Being part of HEAL's SoPL will further that goal by making what is implicit in the policy world explicit, as a way to break down the power of opaque cultural norms and language that it thrives on.
Asia on what SoPL means to her

Meet Asia

Asia Hampton comes to the table with 10 years of experience working in all areas of the food system to increase equitable access to food and opportunity. From working food service in Southern California to facilitating Food Justice Education workshops in Oakland and Brooklyn, she is intimately familiar with the challenges so many communities face not only in accessing fresh and affordable products, but also in building stable lives and livelihoods in the face of an ever-widening gap of inequality. Her journey through food is as community based, as it is based on reclaiming her relationship with food as a path of healing backwards through generations. She believes in creating localized safety-nets that strengthen community and are locally responsive.