Navina Khanna is the Director of the HEAL Food Alliance (Health, Environment, Agriculture, Labor), a national cross-sector food and farm justice coalition. She has dedicated over 15 years to creating a more just and sustainable world through transforming food systems, and in 2014, her work was recognized with a James Beard Leadership Award. With a background in sustainable agriculture and food justice, she's worked as an educator, community organizer, and policy advocate, organizing across sectors and communities. Based in Oakland, Navina serves on the Board of Richmond's Urban Tilth, advises the Real Food Media Project, and organizes with #Asians4BlackLives. A first-generation South Asian American, Navina's worldview is shaped by growing up - and growing food - in India and the US.

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Navina Khanna
Neshani Jani
Communications Director
Neshani Jani is the Communications Director at the HEAL Food Alliance. She joins HEAL with nearly a decade of experience working in communications at both international and domestic non-profits. Most recently, Neshani worked at the Institute of International Education (IIE) in New York, where she developed strategies to promote the work of IIE’s international offices, as well as secure funding for IIE’s 200 global programs. Neshani has long been a strong advocate for sustainable agriculture and food justice efforts, and is excited about collaborating with a national alliance of organizations working to transform our food and farm system. A California native, Neshani is currently based in Oakland, CA. She received BA’s in Anthropology and Spanish from UC Davis, and an MA in Media, Culture, and Communication from New York University.
Jay comes to the HEAL Food Alliance family with over 20 years of experience working in social justice movements and national liberation struggles. Prior to working at HEAL, Jay served as the Program Manager for a leadership development organization that trained grassroots organizers and movement leaders on embodying their leadership commitments and visions for social justice through the use of somatics. Before that, Jay served 8 years as the Director of a base building organization that organized and developed the grassroots leadership of Oakland's low-income Southeast Asian families for immigrant rights and education justice campaigns. Outside of his role with the HEAL Food Alliance, Jay is an active member of the Philippines National Democratic Movement through his work with the International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines. He is also an anti-imperialist solidarity ally for third world liberation struggles here in the US and abroad through the Third World Resistance Coalition. Equally important to his movement commitments is Jay's dedication to raising a healthy and happy teenaged daughter and son.

Jay Conui 
Political Leadership Coordinator
Sara Leon Guerrero
Operations Manager
Sara Leon Guerrero is the Operations Manager for the HEAL Food Alliance. Ever since she was a child, Sara has been infected with a deep love of the natural world. In her professional life, this love manifested into 6 years as Project and Lab Manager at the UC Berkeley Urban Bee Lab researching native bees and their contributions to California agriculture. In that time, Sara became increasingly aware that the challenges with pollination farmers currently face are symptoms of greater issues in our food system (and beyond). This realization led Sara to HEAL, where people are furthering a movement towards a more sustainable and healthy food system that will address the causes of destructive practices instead of just treating the symptoms.
Onyi is the Development Manager at the HEAL Food Alliance. Onyi has focused the last several years working in nonprofit development and institutional fundraising for environmental, indigenous, and women's rights organizations. Most recently, she was the Director of Institutional Development at UltraViolet and prior to that, she was the Grants and Foundations Manager at Amazon Watch. Onyi received her juris doctorate degree from University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Her experiences working with traditional communities, which originally prompted her to leave the legal sector to work for social justice movements, continues to motivate her to advocate and work to advance people's rights and access to live heathy and balanced lives.  

Onyi Chukwuanu
Onyi Chukwuanu 
Development Manager